15 Worst Video Game Movies

15 Worst Video Game Movies of All Time

Seventeen years after Angelina Jolie embodied the titular role in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and its sequel, The Cradle of Life, Alicia Vikander is rebooting the franchise with the more simply named Tomb Raider. Jolie’s outings as the video game heroine made a lot of cash, but, frankly, they weren’t very good, which is why we’re hoping that Vikander and director Roar Uthaug can give fans the Lara Croft feature film that they always hoped to see.

It’s actually quite rare to see a good video game movie. The long-running Resident Evil series has its fans, and auteurs have left their stamp on flawed films like Silent Hill or Warcraft, but video game adaptations don’t have a great track record. That’s why we’re going to take you on a tour of the worst that this genre has to offer.

Here are the 15 Worst Video Game Movies of All Time.

15. Warcraft

Once upon a time, Duncan Jones was a great shining light of the film industry. His debut feature,
Moon, became a cult classic in short order with its minimalist style and thought-provoking premise. But the last few years have not been particularly kind to Jones. Most recently, his Netflix original film Mute was savaged by critics, landing an ugly 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Warcraft, however, came with a huge price tag, and fans of the video game were eager to see what the director of Moon had come up with. When it was finally released in 2016, the film seemed surprisingly out of touch with savvy contemporary sci-fi audiences. For people well-versed in the mythologies of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, the storyline of Warcraft lacked the kind of complex world-building that audiences were expecting.

Still, if it’s any consolation to Jones, the film did very well in China.