TADFF 2019: Best Friends Forever Review

Teenage girls are terrifying.

Teenage girls are the scariest thing of all in the Toronto After Dark short film Best Friends Forever.

An evening gathering of girls gets spooky thanks to a couple of well-timed ghost stories meant to scare the more naive of the group. But the teens get more than they bargained for when they accidentally summon the vengeful spirit of Nancy. A lonely girl whose craving for friendship went unanswered while she was alive, Nancy doesn’t take kindly to rejection from the current group of Mean Girls.

Best Friends Forever manages to make the girly touches creepy – thinks lots of pink, stickers, and friendship necklaces – as Nancy looks for a new friend in horror short.

Directed by Emily Gagne and Joshua Korngut, Best Friends Forever premiered at Salem Horror Fest and premieres at Toronto After Dark as part of the Canadian Shorts After Dark showcase on October 20.


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