Black Hole Films Episode 112 – Godzilla

ThatShelf.com presents: Black Hole Films - A podcast, hosted by Jeremy LaLonde, where people finally get around to watching that film they always meant to. Norm Wilner, Ian MacIntyre, Christopher Warre-Smets, and Saul Pincus join Jeremy for the original GODZILLA and are wonderfully delighted by the poignancy of it all… and also go on a […]

Gareth Edwards and Godzilla Hit Toronto

During his promotional tour for his work as the director of Godzilla, Gareth Edwards chatted with us on an almost appropriately rainy red carpet evening in Toronto to talk briefly about his new take on the King of the Monsters.

Godzilla Review

The best spectacle filled summer blockbuster since Jurassic Park, Gareth Edwards' rebooting of Godzilla is as astonishing as it is wholly satisfying.